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Coming Attractions


Two more novels have been drafted to complete the saga of Nick and Ryzanna and we hope to publish them here within the next two years. In addition, a prequel to the saga has also been drafted and may possibly be published here as well.

A Civil War romance is planned. Set in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the plot revolves around a teenage girl given in marriage by her large but impoverished family to a pompous, overbearing, middle-aged widower, who inherited his stepson along with a tailor’s shop.

Another novel is planned on the biography of Nick Sheeboom’s celebrated uncle Richard, who overcomes a dysfunctional childhood and dirt poor beginnings during the Roaring Twenties to rise to heights he could never imagine.

Short Stories

A Poesque tale of betrayal and murder is lurking somewhere in the not too distant, dark shadows of this web site.

A series of moralistic children’s stories is contemplated using Little Nick’s misadventures as negative examples of a child’s behavior.

Song Lyrics and Poems

One never knows when the muse will strike—Does one?

- Dixie Wells